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How to increase profits on a proxy.

As some of you might know I own a proxy or two 😉 and I decided to make a sort of guide to increasing your profit’s on your proxy that is if you run one or just curious.

Alright first off you have to have a proxy and you probably need to have some sort of traffic which is easily gained from proxy top-sites, link exchanges, and putting your link with some snazzy anchor text in your forum signatures. I will examine which programs worked me and and how to achieve the success I have.

1) Google Adsense: Well first we will go the regular old adsense way. I have had pretty good success with this on a number of my proxies. Usually the block ads above the form and a letter board underneath the url form was bringing me $45 a day on one of my popular proxies. I would go this route if your just looking to bring in little income with very little work. Honestly, it’s a good combination but not quite good enough to earn big earners status. 3.6/5

2) Adversal: Probably the best way to earn money from your proxy. It is pop ups, but what does it matter any kid using a proxy is going against the rules so why not slam him with some pop-ups? Just kidding. Honestly this is my biggest income source for my proxies. They services works on uniques impressions and you code but a code on the main page and then one on the url form when they leave the site just to bring in double the income. I have earned over $930 in one month on this on two of my proxies so I would hope you would choose this route mainly because of the large payouts :). 4/5

3) Azoogle: Now this is one of my hardest ways to make money but usually turns into large payouts in the end. Basically you want to put up a banner or two for some CPA offers just to offer like ring-tones, porn you know what most proxies users want. Free shit. Always remember who your targeting with theses ads. I haven’t had huge success but it has brought money to my bank account. 2/5

4) Adbrite: Ahh finally adbrite. I have to say this services in terms of cpm has been very unsuccessful on the few runs on my sites. I honestly have only mad about $50. Nothing special so if you want to try it go for it, I have no real advice sinec I myself can’t increase earnings for it 😛 2/5

5) Textlinkads: A favorite of mine to increase profit on some of my higher proxies. The only main problem here is that if you don’t have a low alexa ranking or page rank you can’t find a lot of buyers. Most people like the Pagerank 4 pages with tons of traffic, I would recommend this option if you have a huge proxy network and possibly offer links on all your sites. 3/5

And that about wraps up all I have done with mine. Comment and tell me how you like it.


Grow! Grow!

Well, I finally had the nerve to check my blog stats and I am quite satisfied! Over 300 uniques and I barely opened the blog but a week ago. I am happy to see someone reading, I feel like I am just rambling and no one cares. Haha, So I have some updates on some of my sites and a request.

I have been really busy getting my Super Mario Galaxy site up in the google rankings. I have already got it indexed in one day! And that was a week ago. I am currently developing a way to earn some cash on the site. I have about 16-50 uniques a day and pretty excited about it. I really think this site could be pretty big with some work. I wanted to try banner ads because for some reason people click images a lot more than text links. As for everything else, my proxies are doing just fine! still around $40 a day on my three sites. Nothing big but I am going to try adversal (pop unders) just because I hear the payouts are really good.

Also, I recently go banned from CJ for black hat actives and MSN on some of my ‘experiment’ sites. 😦

I also just recently received my RAZR phone. Which is quite a good phone. I got my gmail mobile for email updates and it’s worth the upgrade though the battery doesn’t last very long. Now if you guys wouldn’t mind I’d like some feed back on my blog and what I can do to increase visitors and make YOU interested. Thanks.


Snow day.

Well today in good old Dallas Texas we have a snow day. Pretty swell I’d say. No school and in another 20 minutes form this post we are getting way more. So I am excited. More time to spend on my tactics for my site.

Well today, I sold Daily-diet-tips for a very fair price. So, that is out of my network and Super Mario Galaxy site is up for sale. I hope I get to keep it but I need some cash for a few sites I need to buy. So, that is always exciting. I have fainlly come to realize the more profitable sites that are making more money. So finally for this short post I will post my perditions for affiliate marketing.

  • Most will be investing in I-pod affiliate marketing
  • Games, Ringtones, and porn still making the most leads.

I can’t believe how much money I have made with affiliate marketing. It’s great money, for my next post I will make a post on how to get started with it before I invest some more to start a couple of Arbitrage stuff. Which should be a huge invest but well worth it. So until next time.


Customer Service? PFT!

Well as the day past I finally decided to order my new phone from Cingular. I am paying $50 a month for 2,000 minutes with rollover and 3,000 text messages and 5mb internet access. So Cingular is alright if you ask me no problems. When I first purchased my subscription it was all good for about 2 years until today.

Now, I received a coupon in the mail telling me I can get $200 of any phone I choose [they where trying to get me to re-sign up] and I was thinking of a trio but I decided on a Motorola RAZR V3. Now, I looked it over and with the mail and rebate it was $79.00 I owed them. So I deiced to call it up and order it and use my coupon for renewing my contract. So this would cost me nothing right? Wrong.

I called the guy named ‘Jeff’ and he explained to me that the coupon meant nothing and it was just a ‘reminder’ to sign-up. This really set me off because why would you have an fucking coupon you can’t use? It’s bullshit. I know ‘Jeff’ was an 18 year old douche bag making commission so of course I couldn’t use it. So, I talked to his manager. Then after taking for a few minutes he knew I was going to get my free RAZR and I did. Just goes to show you not to let the big corporations bully you out of your deal.

Now for some news;


Making your new forum a sucess?

Well when everyone first starts a forum people gripe and moan about hits and visitors so I decided to make a short little introduction how how to bring more visitors in and how to keep them!

Now, we all know you must have a site and a niche your going to want to jump into. I would advice going with something unique. Like don’t do Xbox or gaming or anything so over done, then you will have to invest a large amount of money with minimal results. Your going to want a small niche that you can provide a good place for people interested in it to post and talk about it. Like instead of baseball forums, do like eastern baseball teams. Instead of Gaming forums do a specific game or system.

After that your going to need some forum software to get an actual system up to use. I would recommend something free like Mybb, or SMF. It is not worth spending $80 on IPB or VB when you have no members and in the first few months those are hard to come by. So wait it out until you get a few hundred then if you want to switch I’d say do it. Personally try Mybb or SMF. I love them both so it’s all about preference. And Get a skin! No one likes the default and you can easy modify anyone that you like to fit your needs.

Now the hard part is going to be getting it active. People never want to be the first to do anything. They like to easily be led into joining and registering to post on something. I would recommend Forum Shock and get some paid posters! This is not a plug I have used Bryan’s services many times and have to say it’s A+. Now after your package experience continue to led discussion, even making a few accounts on your a different email and post things to start up debate or interesting topics. After that members should come and make sure you have some SEO work done. Which should be easy if you post your forum link in your signature around other places. I would say join a competing forum and PM people with your link and incise them to join. Most people that it is really personal and would join.

There by no means is time to sit back and relax! All forums require alot of time and effort into creating a ‘success’ and by no means is there one bar to jump over. It’s all about personal success and what you think about what you did.


Clear Blue Skies.

Well, another update from me, since the last I have been enjoying school (Not really) and studying. I did buy a small adsense site about Germs. Pretty intresting subject if you ask me. It has unique content and I just got it set up and it is bringing in some money. Which isn’t bad. I am still interested in exchanging links with other webmaster’s with blogs so email me if your willing.

Now, I got my hosting account unsuspended due to missing some bills and I got that sorted out. Which is always good. My plans for Talk History are to improve user registrations. I am dabbling in some posting exchanges to increase my activity. I know History Forums can have a wealth of interesting and relevant content so building this up is my first challenge. And since everyone is doing it here is my goals for 2007.

  • Bring Talk History to 5 sign up’s a day, and 40 posts a day.
  • Increase adsense earning to $70 a day.
  • Bring to $5 a day.
  • Buy 4 new websites or projects and develop them.

Now my goals seems simple but it will be a stretch since I am very lazy and like to have money with out doing anything. I think the proxies I own are the old things keeping me on my feet. Which is why I am adding 3 more to my network. Which should be interesting. My last google adsense check was $156.00 which is good but my proxies are finally making more and increasing earnings. Now, time for me to develop some SEO tactics for my germs site and history. A good tip is always get back links! Easiest way to get into google!


A New Day has come.

Well, as you all might know my from my old domain I have decided to go back to Worpress hosted off my site. My reasoning you ask? Because I simply like it more, I get more traffic being in a circle such as this one and more people can access my blog. Which I am well aware helps my ranking. I want to start out with a sort of introduction, My name is Justin. I am 16 year’s old. I have been interested in coding and design most of my life. I have found memories of just drawing out my ideas to improve my life and the lives of others. You can comment on this as irrelevant but those are the earliest memories I have of myself designing and improving on something. Now, I am a junior in High school planning on going to College to presume a Business Administrations Degree, and Minor in Graphic Design/Web Development. In my spare time I like to make forums and develop them and sometimes turn them over for a profit. Now to some important news about my current projects and to keep my old readers up to date on my old ones.

As some of you may remember I had some proxies, and a forum. Well I sold them all for some holiday cash. Haha, yeah I know desperate. But now I would like to introduce my new formations of sites and my plans for them.
Now, I started this project right after new years and must say that I am in love with it. Right now it has only 10 members and about 150 post’s. Which is pretty good for about a week and a half’s time with no advertising just forum sigs and some PM’s to dear friends. Now, I have only made about $1.27 in adsense from this and I am content mainly because I know adsense isn’t successful on forums. That being said I am proud of the progress it has made and now my main push is to improve the rankings in terms of SERP’s and SEO. Which means some text links. Oh goody!

And as for my other project’s there is only about 2 other’s as of now and nothing to exciting. After selling my other proxy my adsense machine [$7 a day for about 3 months!] I am in the works with making another. I know, sad. But Proxies are good money and are rational in a sense for a good amount of income! And right now I am focusing on buying some smaller sites and developing them. I just purchased about 3 on Digital Point and excited to say that they will be interesting projects to say the least.

And that is it for now, I am looking for a blog link exchanges to email me! And Good luck to you on your quest for cash.