Clear Blue Skies.

Well, another update from me, since the last I have been enjoying school (Not really) and studying. I did buy a small adsense site about Germs. Pretty intresting subject if you ask me. It has unique content and I just got it set up and it is bringing in some money. Which isn’t bad. I am still interested in exchanging links with other webmaster’s with blogs so email me if your willing.

Now, I got my hosting account unsuspended due to missing some bills and I got that sorted out. Which is always good. My plans for Talk History are to improve user registrations. I am dabbling in some posting exchanges to increase my activity. I know History Forums can have a wealth of interesting and relevant content so building this up is my first challenge. And since everyone is doing it here is my goals for 2007.

  • Bring Talk History to 5 sign up’s a day, and 40 posts a day.
  • Increase adsense earning to $70 a day.
  • Bring GermBuster.org to $5 a day.
  • Buy 4 new websites or projects and develop them.

Now my goals seems simple but it will be a stretch since I am very lazy and like to have money with out doing anything. I think the proxies I own are the old things keeping me on my feet. Which is why I am adding 3 more to my network. Which should be interesting. My last google adsense check was $156.00 which is good but my proxies are finally making more and increasing earnings. Now, time for me to develop some SEO tactics for my germs site and history. A good tip is always get back links! Easiest way to get into google!


1 Response to “Clear Blue Skies.”

  1. January 11, 2007 at 7:53 pm


    congratulations on opening your new blog, hope you will achieve the goals you’ve set!


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