Customer Service? PFT!

Well as the day past I finally decided to order my new phone from Cingular. I am paying $50 a month for 2,000 minutes with rollover and 3,000 text messages and 5mb internet access. So Cingular is alright if you ask me no problems. When I first purchased my subscription it was all good for about 2 years until today.

Now, I received a coupon in the mail telling me I can get $200 of any phone I choose [they where trying to get me to re-sign up] and I was thinking of a trio but I decided on a Motorola RAZR V3. Now, I looked it over and with the mail and rebate it was $79.00 I owed them. So I deiced to call it up and order it and use my coupon for renewing my contract. So this would cost me nothing right? Wrong.

I called the guy named ‘Jeff’ and he explained to me that the coupon meant nothing and it was just a ‘reminder’ to sign-up. This really set me off because why would you have an fucking coupon you can’t use? It’s bullshit. I know ‘Jeff’ was an 18 year old douche bag making commission so of course I couldn’t use it. So, I talked to his manager. Then after taking for a few minutes he knew I was going to get my free RAZR and I did. Just goes to show you not to let the big corporations bully you out of your deal.

Now for some news;

  • Bought another Myspace Proxy.
  • Set up my new site on Diet Tips.
  • My History Discussion forum is doing very well.
  • Plans are in the works of buying a small psp forum if no one takes it from me >:O
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1 Response to “Customer Service? PFT!”

  1. January 15, 2007 at 8:46 pm

    You don’t use mobile-internet too much do you? 5MB? that’s not much at all. There was an article about Apple iPhone being restricted to cingular and people were commenting about how bad their customer service was.


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