Snow day.

Well today in good old Dallas Texas we have a snow day. Pretty swell I’d say. No school and in another 20 minutes form this post we are getting way more. So I am excited. More time to spend on my tactics for my site.

Well today, I sold Daily-diet-tips for a very fair price. So, that is out of my network and Super Mario Galaxy site is up for sale. I hope I get to keep it but I need some cash for a few sites I need to buy. So, that is always exciting. I have fainlly come to realize the more profitable sites that are making more money. So finally for this short post I will post my perditions for affiliate marketing.

  • Most will be investing in I-pod affiliate marketing
  • Games, Ringtones, and porn still making the most leads.

I can’t believe how much money I have made with affiliate marketing. It’s great money, for my next post I will make a post on how to get started with it before I invest some more to start a couple of Arbitrage stuff. Which should be a huge invest but well worth it. So until next time.


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