Grow! Grow!

Well, I finally had the nerve to check my blog stats and I am quite satisfied! Over 300 uniques and I barely opened the blog but a week ago. I am happy to see someone reading, I feel like I am just rambling and no one cares. Haha, So I have some updates on some of my sites and a request.

I have been really busy getting my Super Mario Galaxy site up in the google rankings. I have already got it indexed in one day! And that was a week ago. I am currently developing a way to earn some cash on the site. I have about 16-50 uniques a day and pretty excited about it. I really think this site could be pretty big with some work. I wanted to try banner ads because for some reason people click images a lot more than text links. As for everything else, my proxies are doing just fine! still around $40 a day on my three sites. Nothing big but I am going to try adversal (pop unders) just because I hear the payouts are really good.

Also, I recently go banned from CJ for black hat actives and MSN on some of my ‘experiment’ sites. 😦

I also just recently received my RAZR phone. Which is quite a good phone. I got my gmail mobile for email updates and it’s worth the upgrade though the battery doesn’t last very long. Now if you guys wouldn’t mind I’d like some feed back on my blog and what I can do to increase visitors and make YOU interested. Thanks.


1 Response to “Grow! Grow!”

  1. January 20, 2007 at 9:34 am

    $40 isn’t that bad either, that’s a whooping $1200 a month :), add the fact that proxies require almost no work after you’re established…don’t be too hard on yourself 😉


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