Why does SEO Matter?

A lot of people ask me this. Most want to know does ranking really matter or why not leave the site sit and everything come on it’s own? Well simply I see SEO is a head start. It’s like having a 10 second head start. Applying SEO tactics allows you to put your site in higher rankings and in turn more ‘organic’ traffic.

Now the easiest way to do this is of course having meta tags in your sites ‘head’ section. Now here is an example.

Meta Example

Notice how under Keywords I listed how I want my site to be searched for. By applying keywords I thought people would search I place them there and has google bot’s search my site they read this and place it in there ranking based on popularity and there own special formula.

Most of this is pretty easy to do for yourself it is all a matter of common sense and how you want your site to be found. I find that the more descriptive your meta tags are the more your site is indexed.

To keep Googlebot from following links on your pages to other pages or documents, you’d place the following meta tag in the head of your HTML document:

Meta tags can exclude all outgoing links on a page, but you can also tell the Googlebot not to crawl individual links by adding rel=”nofollow” to a hyperlink. When a Googlebot sees the attribute rel=”nofollow” on hyperlinks, those links won’t get any credit when we rank websites in our search results. For example a link,

This is a great link!

could be replaced with

I can't vouch for this link.

I know this is a very noob tutorial I am just tired of seeing the questioned ask and people IM’ing me.


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