Making money, the easy way.

I see a lot of web developers, webmaster what ever you like to call them bitch and complain about not making enough money with there [sometimes] unique projects and deciding to sell them off and under cut themselves and ultimately feel defeated in the process.

Well, I have a solution to all of your problems to make money and make it well. It is quite simple. Don’t give up. I am sure looking at your ad sense stats and seeing ‘$0.45’ can make one feel defeated when you continually are adding new and unique content say to a blog and you are still getting low CTR or people just aren’t that interested in your article to even read it, or your not getting any traffic at all. You have to keep pushing through offer better content that is the secret to making money online. It is all about content, that is what the search engines like, and same with most users. They come to your sites to get information they can’t get anywhere else. Just remember that. Remember to think like the user and how you would get the content or how would you see the site? Loaded with a lot of ads? Or affiliate ads offering a good service to your members?

Just something to think about.


2 Responses to “Making money, the easy way.”

  1. February 23, 2007 at 2:19 am

    Justin, I’ve been linked back to your blog, from mybloglog because I had noticed you were looking at mine. I just recently started up my blog, and I’m looking to exchange links with more friends. I’m not new to the design/ code game, and I’m really looking to get my name out there. I really enjoy reading your articles, and I’m pretty sure we could be friends.

    Is it a possibilitie you would consider swapping blog links?


    Randall Cornett

  2. August 17, 2013 at 5:34 pm

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