Why WordPress.com? And some updates..

I see a lot of people making blogs and hosting them on there own servers. But, why? WordPress.com is an excellent way to have your blog hosted and quickly indexed in google and any other search engine.

I say on bandwidth, and hosting charges. I am still able to edit my css, and change layouts and even host a domain [I have yet too]. I am just curious why people host there own blogs when free and awesome services like this are available with out an invite now. Recently wordpress.com accouned the new digg button for blogs. Honestly, this is freaking awesome. Now I just have to add a simple code to get my digg code in and I am set.

Now for some news.

  • My new forum development
  • New sites
  • Where the hell have I been?

My new forum development
My new forum progress is honestly, slow. I have the logo complete thanks to Lewis, I still have yet to catch him online to pay him. And, I am in the process of designing the layout for the forum myself to save money and get exactly what I want and how I want it structured. I will probably code it and have a friend look it over. Marketing is still in the works. I am thinking about adbrite to use to buy some text links and banner ads to improve traffic and get things started.

New sites?
I am still looking to purchase some excellent small sites. I have been looking around digital point for small celebrity sites, or just blogs that are making something decent. I just want to expanded my portfolio of sites really.

Where the hell have I been?
I am actually really sorry for not being online as much as I should. I apologize to any clients and anyone else for my leave. I have just been busy with my girlfriend, school and trying to get everything done in my social life and then come online and work. I have also noticed a decrease in profit on a few of my proxies. I am quite upset and I think my sites got smart priced since I was getting $.35-$.60 a click. Sad to see such potential and profit lowering to $.10-$.20.


2 Responses to “Why WordPress.com? And some updates..”

  1. September 4, 2007 at 2:08 pm

    OK! Interesting post and nice blog. Good luck!

  2. October 15, 2007 at 4:21 am

    Great post.

    Check out the Celebrity forums over at Eternal-Allegiance.com

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