A bit about me

I am tired of seeing webmasters just post things about there lame shit and talk about the same old thing. So I will make a post of a bit of my background and about my life just because I should of did this like the first time I posted but better late than never.

I am a 17 year old web developer. I make money from my projects but the word entrepreneur is a word with little or no meaning to me. I started getting in to making sites in about 2000-2001 with a Nintendo site. Just random stuff when the game cube was around. I was passionate but could never make a lot of profit do to mod-chip affiliate offers etc. I do enjoy hanging out with my friends. I make a living online to pay my car and other things I want. I recently [4-5 months ago] struck some luck with my proxy network. I have about 5 proxies which is bringing in about 57% of my income. So selling them is not an option, plus they are my babies. I also dabble in SEO for clients and effective link building campaigns and affiliate marketing and of course the awesome arbitrage. I like to think of myself pretty successful but I hate people who brag and lie about it. Seems pretty lame to me.

As for my growing up, I grew up with my father in 5th ward projects in Houston Texas. I then moved with my mother to go old Dallas Texas when I was about 13 since my father’s business was blowing up and he had no time for me. I like it here in Texas. Nice place.

I am a senior in high school, about to graduate this year. I am excited to get out on my own and make money off the internet for a year then move on to an Art school for graphic design or painting. Or I might just go to a University for my Business degree to be honest I have no idea. I have a wonderful girlfriend and I smoke a lot of weed (If your a reader from Wicked Fire I have some pretty good threads ‘Weed Porn’.) And that’s about it. Everything else is pretty boring about me.

Any questions ask.


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