Is MBL worth it?

If you are an avid blogger you might of heard about the surge of people and even myself using My Blog Log. And I have to say I am impressed.

Now, most people are upset with the service for the minor security bugs that happen (Eric and the team always take care of them) and how the tool isn’t useful at all. I beg to differ. Before installing my blog log I was getting 5-15 uniques a day on my fairly new blog here, and the first day of installing the plug I received 59 uniques in a few hours doing nothing but adding the code which I have to say is pretty good.

I have also been able to met a lot of cool people and get in touch with people looking at my blog and reading it which is pretty cool. I like the fact that you can view statistics and see how many readers are interested and really see the people reading and not always commenting on your latest article and it really puts a face to your readers which is great way to start a community with your blog.

Now there are some bad things as well, One is why they hell even go to the site? All you can really do is look at other peoples blogs the own maybe comment and add them as a contact. Which in actuality is all you can really do with this tool. I do enjoy the plug in for your actual blog but other than that the tool is a bit worthless.

A blog can survive with out this new tool, it just honestly opens up a way to see your users and how they like your site really. Nothing more nothing less and the service does just what you would expect Log your blogs.


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