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An interesting email.

Well I got an interesting email today from, In light of all the new developments that bots are going to and giving invalid clicks on proxies to narrow out the competition for a hackers site apparently. Here is the email..

Dear Members,

Many proxy operators have recently received letters from Google Adsense notifying them that invalid clicks were found on their sites. While surfing the boards (specifically;start=all) at, I came across a fellow named Jason Collins. He claimed that was the source of these invalid clicks. While I am unsure if the operator of (known as Baron) is the source of this or is at least complicit in this, Mr. Collins stated he has had personal contact with a manager in Google Adsense stating “over 90% of traffic through is non-human.” He has evidence proving his contact with Google. (he has a screenshot in this thread that involves a discussion of my account with his Google contact: Further, Baron refuses to acknowledge this despite evidence otherwise, and removes posts stating that is the source of this traffic or flatly denying could be to blame.

If you would like more information about what Mr. Collins knows, or evidence he has, contact him at

BOTTOM LINE: Either remove your sites from (, select “Delist Proxy”) or make sure Adsense doesn’t show on your site if the referer is Note that sometimes sites can be listed even if you didn’t submit them to If Adsense does contact you, REMOVE YOUR ADS from your proxy sites immediately until it is resolved and you block users from seeing the ads and RESPOND IMMEDIATELY to Google.

Feel free to contact me or Mr. Collins regarding this, though Mr. Collins has much more information on this than I do and can provide more background on it all. Best of luck to you all.



Interesting information, just a heads up for all you proxy owners.


Proxy Owners beware!

After reading Mubin’s blog post “Watch Your Proxies! Google has warned thee!” people are click google ad’s in order to get other proxy owners banned to keep the market to themselves. I am outraged. There is a small group of people doing this and it is best advised not to keep google ad’s on your proxy. People are getting banned from adsense due to this group and really hurting the proxy community.

On the Proxy.Org forum’s people are discussing it and the news is bad. This post people are saying that it is not humans that are clicking the ad’s but bots with the intention of getting webmasters banned.

All I have to say is us proxy owners are worried. I recommend everyone take off your adsense until the matter is further researched. No use in getting your account banned. There are plenty of other ways to earn money on a proxy.


What do I do all day? Well…

I see many blogs online where people talk and talk about there projects and never really tell the readers what exactly the do when sitting on the computer. So I decided to make a post dedicated to just that and letting my readers know what I do when online.

1) I log into my email – basically to check for any problems or questions with my sites and to see how my clients are doing or if family needs anything.

2) I log into Paypal, Adsense, CJ and Auction Ad’s – To get the low do on the days earnings, I try and not to look very often. Makes you worry to much.

3) I go to my forums – check activity as well as check up on mods and people of interest.

4) Log into Digital Point, and Wicked Fire – I read threads and chat it up a bit.

5) I update my sites – I try my hardest to update my sites with fresh content and really try to make my site seem active will pressing affiliate offers and utilizing adsense as a way of profit.

6) I check C-Panel – I check on my bandwidth to make sure everything is running smoothly and nothing is being DOS attacked.

7) Browse around for sites to purchase – Can never have enough! Never put all your eggs in one basket.

And that is my basic way of life on the PC side. I didn’t include bathroom, food, hanging out with friends, TV etc. But you get the idea.

Also, I am looking to trade links with any relevant blog. I plan on getting a domain on this puppy soon and looking for link exchanges! Comment this post with your site and anchor text and I will put you up as long as you return the favor. Free back link right?


New blinds for my room.

Man I am really in need for new blinds for my room, Don’t you hate that? I have the regular old 2 inch window blinds and my damn dog keeps ripping them up! He chews and tears them up when a damn cat, bird or person walks by which is actually really annoying since this is about the hundredth time I have had to replace them. So I recommend you should really watch what your dog is doing near a window since they always seem to do something that isn’t good. Also, I just really enjoy opening my blinds when it is sunny and a beautiful day just makes working so much more enjoyable and fun.


A little Help for people struggling with Alcoholism.

As well all know Alcoholism is one of the number one causes of death in the United States. 18 million Americans are controlled by their alcohol addiction. More and more teenagers are becoming addicted to the ‘drug’.

As more and more Americans become addicted to alcohol, Alcoholism is a huge deal for many Americans still struggling with there addiction or just need help with it. I have had many family members struggle with this epidemic.Narconon is a great treatment center with those still struggling with there sickness. I only wish my Grandfather had Narconon before he passed away thanks to Alcoholism. The fact is that all people struggling with addiction need a treatment center to get well, not everyone can do it alone.


The internet ruined April Fools.

You all should be very upset, as am I. April Fools use to be a time of laughter, a time of wonder.

Now, I look at blog post such as John Chow, Tyler Cruz and many others that are pathetic. I wasn’t even laughing or slightly shifted in my opinion of this shit fest comedy that isn’t good. Good, I wish the internet would just leave it alone, what ever happened to lighting people on fire, telling your friends your girl friend is pregrent, or pretend you gotten into a car accident and on the phone with your mom you are crying and telling them your hurt.

Well my friends, that time is gone. Thanks to the internet and shitty jokes.