The power of link sales, and blog updates.

Well with the every growing power of blogs on the internet, I decided to use my pagerank and my traffic details to sell a few sponsored links on my blog. I think they are not to ‘in your face’. They have there own section and people should check them out. Pretty cool sites I sold the spots too I think.

Alright as for the blog, I have changed the skin on final time. I will be customizing it a bit later. I also have plans on getting this baby a domain finally. Or I might keep it as a sub domain I haven’t decided since I have been busy with client work and building my portfolio. I haven’t honestly gotten started on my first few ideas. I am still writing up the mock up and yes I do percentage risks. Since like most other webmasters I am greedy with my money. I want to make sure my invest will be a ROI. I hate throwing in money at something and not seeing a return or even a budge in how much I put into it.

I also added a new person to my ever slow growing blog roll. Big shout of to Tom Huveners. A great new link buddy. I suggest you check out his blog. It’s pretty cool great learning information.

Thanks it for now, my next post will be an informational post about some tactics I use to make money. My older posts A Deep Dive into Link Building , 5 easy ways to have a successful forum, How to increase profits on a proxy. They where all pretty popular so I think I will be doing more of those.


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