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5 easy ways to have a successful forum

As we all know from experience if you have ever attempted to run or get a forum started there seems no easy way to get things going in the right directions and most experience a drought of activity and a slow first two months of running one. So I complied a list of good practices and tips to use when starting a forum and getting things to where they need to be.

1) During the first month(s) do not have ads! Most of the time the first few months of a forum are very important. Ad’s dis attract users for joining and having annoying affiliate offers and others just get the forum off to looking cluttered and over all not very appealing. Instead run private advertisers on a side bar when you start seeing an increase in traffic or getting more and more users. Also, I find it is best to wait a month or two to wait for Alexa and pagerank updates since you can step up your link prices with theses factors and allows you to make more money.

2) Paid Posting, Embrace it! Honestly paid posting is a gift from god as far as I am concerned. Organic visitors seeing a influx of posts and topics more often than not end up joining when others are engaging in insightful discussions. Forum Shock is a good way to get your forum going. I am using Bryan’s service mainly because it’s the best of it’s kind and helped me a lot and probably the best I have used. It also sounds a bit sad but would you join a forum with no activity? It seems lames since most don’t want to be the only one posting and discussing.

3) Promote you dick! I see to many people bitch and complain about how hard it is to buy advertising and get good results with a little amount of money. Well shut the hell up. I usually promote all of my forums with just word of mouth, signature links, advertising topics on competitive forums, buying cheap text links, and link exchanges. All that being said it should only cost you a minimal amount of cash ($40) and you can get your forum out to a great start. No need for huge advertising packages on big name forums, just buy some cheap text links or hell by all means link exchange!!!! that’s free advertising right there and gives you relevant traffic.

4) Custom Skin is the only way, or at least improvements to the default. Come on guys are you really that cheap? I see so many webmasters getting non unique and cheap looking skins and that is only a reflection of the quality of the forum. Now, I am not against paid skins but custom nice looking skins always produce the best results. It gives the members a feeling that the Admin is actually trying to go somewhere and is going out of his pocket to make the forum more appealing and just plain old looking good for the members. Now, I know what your thinkings ‘It’s not always about the design, some of us can’t afford a skin!’ Well I can point you to a few guys willing to do a custom skin for $20-50 just check out digital point. Lots of users there filling to go under market valve to get some portfolio work or just some cash. Your not going to get the quality of say a $200 skin but you will get something decent and worth while.

5) Paid Software is not always the way! I am so tired of theses ‘Forum Gurus’ telling people that a paid forum software is the only way to create a successful forum and that is bullshit. I can name a dozen forums running on phpbb or punbb and has more users that many paid options. Most forum users don’t care what software your using. For example. Mybb is some great software and is free and offers so many updates and there always releasing mods and secruity patches and that is a great way to cut down cost of a forum is to choose a free or cheaper option for software. Not everything paid is good.

And there you have it, a true guide to making a successful forum. Eat it Guru faggots.


Making your new forum a sucess?

Well when everyone first starts a forum people gripe and moan about hits and visitors so I decided to make a short little introduction how how to bring more visitors in and how to keep them!

Now, we all know you must have a site and a niche your going to want to jump into. I would advice going with something unique. Like don’t do Xbox or gaming or anything so over done, then you will have to invest a large amount of money with minimal results. Your going to want a small niche that you can provide a good place for people interested in it to post and talk about it. Like instead of baseball forums, do like eastern baseball teams. Instead of Gaming forums do a specific game or system.

After that your going to need some forum software to get an actual system up to use. I would recommend something free like Mybb, or SMF. It is not worth spending $80 on IPB or VB when you have no members and in the first few months those are hard to come by. So wait it out until you get a few hundred then if you want to switch I’d say do it. Personally try Mybb or SMF. I love them both so it’s all about preference. And Get a skin! No one likes the default and you can easy modify anyone that you like to fit your needs.

Now the hard part is going to be getting it active. People never want to be the first to do anything. They like to easily be led into joining and registering to post on something. I would recommend Forum Shock and get some paid posters! This is not a plug I have used Bryan’s services many times and have to say it’s A+. Now after your package experience continue to led discussion, even making a few accounts on your a different email and post things to start up debate or interesting topics. After that members should come and make sure you have some SEO work done. Which should be easy if you post your forum link in your signature around other places. I would say join a competing forum and PM people with your link and incise them to join. Most people that it is really personal and would join.

There by no means is time to sit back and relax! All forums require alot of time and effort into creating a ‘success’ and by no means is there one bar to jump over. It’s all about personal success and what you think about what you did.