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The power of link sales, and blog updates.

Well with the every growing power of blogs on the internet, I decided to use my pagerank and my traffic details to sell a few sponsored links on my blog. I think they are not to ‘in your face’. They have there own section and people should check them out. Pretty cool sites I sold the spots too I think.

Alright as for the blog, I have changed the skin on final time. I will be customizing it a bit later. I also have plans on getting this baby a domain finally. Or I might keep it as a sub domain I haven’t decided since I have been busy with client work and building my portfolio. I haven’t honestly gotten started on my first few ideas. I am still writing up the mock up and yes I do percentage risks. Since like most other webmasters I am greedy with my money. I want to make sure my invest will be a ROI. I hate throwing in money at something and not seeing a return or even a budge in how much I put into it.

I also added a new person to my ever slow growing blog roll. Big shout of to Tom Huveners. A great new link buddy. I suggest you check out his blog. It’s pretty cool great learning information.

Thanks it for now, my next post will be an informational post about some tactics I use to make money. My older posts A Deep Dive into Link Building , 5 easy ways to have a successful forum, How to increase profits on a proxy. They where all pretty popular so I think I will be doing more of those.


Man, Where have I been.

Well, hello everyone. How are ya? Well, I am fine and I haven’t been online lately. Sorry about that. I have been very busy with graduating from high school and getting my life and focus back to agree and I have some exciting news. I am going to the Art Institute of Dallas! I am pretty happy now! So, now that I am waiting to get my sign up going I am in the process of moving out. soon I think. I think you guys would be proud. My few loyal readers. Haha.

As for my future in the web business. I have gotten back into the web design business same with coding and am hoping to get my portfolio and a new website up. As for my proxies I am planning on selling and getting into content driven websites with affiliate sales and more so content based. I think that has more key valve than a website that just makes a quick buck. I am thinking about my future now. So I am planning on releasing two new blogs to my portfolio of sites and a few forums as well and maybe a niche site or too. I have a few hundred to invest and I will keep you guys updated on each site that comes out.

Also, I am in the market for a new car and I am about to purchase this Honda Accord 2003. Tell me what you think? 😉


An interesting email.

Well I got an interesting email today from, In light of all the new developments that bots are going to and giving invalid clicks on proxies to narrow out the competition for a hackers site apparently. Here is the email..

Dear Members,

Many proxy operators have recently received letters from Google Adsense notifying them that invalid clicks were found on their sites. While surfing the boards (specifically;start=all) at, I came across a fellow named Jason Collins. He claimed that was the source of these invalid clicks. While I am unsure if the operator of (known as Baron) is the source of this or is at least complicit in this, Mr. Collins stated he has had personal contact with a manager in Google Adsense stating “over 90% of traffic through is non-human.” He has evidence proving his contact with Google. (he has a screenshot in this thread that involves a discussion of my account with his Google contact: Further, Baron refuses to acknowledge this despite evidence otherwise, and removes posts stating that is the source of this traffic or flatly denying could be to blame.

If you would like more information about what Mr. Collins knows, or evidence he has, contact him at

BOTTOM LINE: Either remove your sites from (, select “Delist Proxy”) or make sure Adsense doesn’t show on your site if the referer is Note that sometimes sites can be listed even if you didn’t submit them to If Adsense does contact you, REMOVE YOUR ADS from your proxy sites immediately until it is resolved and you block users from seeing the ads and RESPOND IMMEDIATELY to Google.

Feel free to contact me or Mr. Collins regarding this, though Mr. Collins has much more information on this than I do and can provide more background on it all. Best of luck to you all.



Interesting information, just a heads up for all you proxy owners.


Grow! Grow!

Well, I finally had the nerve to check my blog stats and I am quite satisfied! Over 300 uniques and I barely opened the blog but a week ago. I am happy to see someone reading, I feel like I am just rambling and no one cares. Haha, So I have some updates on some of my sites and a request.

I have been really busy getting my Super Mario Galaxy site up in the google rankings. I have already got it indexed in one day! And that was a week ago. I am currently developing a way to earn some cash on the site. I have about 16-50 uniques a day and pretty excited about it. I really think this site could be pretty big with some work. I wanted to try banner ads because for some reason people click images a lot more than text links. As for everything else, my proxies are doing just fine! still around $40 a day on my three sites. Nothing big but I am going to try adversal (pop unders) just because I hear the payouts are really good.

Also, I recently go banned from CJ for black hat actives and MSN on some of my ‘experiment’ sites. 😦

I also just recently received my RAZR phone. Which is quite a good phone. I got my gmail mobile for email updates and it’s worth the upgrade though the battery doesn’t last very long. Now if you guys wouldn’t mind I’d like some feed back on my blog and what I can do to increase visitors and make YOU interested. Thanks.


Snow day.

Well today in good old Dallas Texas we have a snow day. Pretty swell I’d say. No school and in another 20 minutes form this post we are getting way more. So I am excited. More time to spend on my tactics for my site.

Well today, I sold Daily-diet-tips for a very fair price. So, that is out of my network and Super Mario Galaxy site is up for sale. I hope I get to keep it but I need some cash for a few sites I need to buy. So, that is always exciting. I have fainlly come to realize the more profitable sites that are making more money. So finally for this short post I will post my perditions for affiliate marketing.

  • Most will be investing in I-pod affiliate marketing
  • Games, Ringtones, and porn still making the most leads.

I can’t believe how much money I have made with affiliate marketing. It’s great money, for my next post I will make a post on how to get started with it before I invest some more to start a couple of Arbitrage stuff. Which should be a huge invest but well worth it. So until next time.


Customer Service? PFT!

Well as the day past I finally decided to order my new phone from Cingular. I am paying $50 a month for 2,000 minutes with rollover and 3,000 text messages and 5mb internet access. So Cingular is alright if you ask me no problems. When I first purchased my subscription it was all good for about 2 years until today.

Now, I received a coupon in the mail telling me I can get $200 of any phone I choose [they where trying to get me to re-sign up] and I was thinking of a trio but I decided on a Motorola RAZR V3. Now, I looked it over and with the mail and rebate it was $79.00 I owed them. So I deiced to call it up and order it and use my coupon for renewing my contract. So this would cost me nothing right? Wrong.

I called the guy named ‘Jeff’ and he explained to me that the coupon meant nothing and it was just a ‘reminder’ to sign-up. This really set me off because why would you have an fucking coupon you can’t use? It’s bullshit. I know ‘Jeff’ was an 18 year old douche bag making commission so of course I couldn’t use it. So, I talked to his manager. Then after taking for a few minutes he knew I was going to get my free RAZR and I did. Just goes to show you not to let the big corporations bully you out of your deal.

Now for some news;


Clear Blue Skies.

Well, another update from me, since the last I have been enjoying school (Not really) and studying. I did buy a small adsense site about Germs. Pretty intresting subject if you ask me. It has unique content and I just got it set up and it is bringing in some money. Which isn’t bad. I am still interested in exchanging links with other webmaster’s with blogs so email me if your willing.

Now, I got my hosting account unsuspended due to missing some bills and I got that sorted out. Which is always good. My plans for Talk History are to improve user registrations. I am dabbling in some posting exchanges to increase my activity. I know History Forums can have a wealth of interesting and relevant content so building this up is my first challenge. And since everyone is doing it here is my goals for 2007.

  • Bring Talk History to 5 sign up’s a day, and 40 posts a day.
  • Increase adsense earning to $70 a day.
  • Bring to $5 a day.
  • Buy 4 new websites or projects and develop them.

Now my goals seems simple but it will be a stretch since I am very lazy and like to have money with out doing anything. I think the proxies I own are the old things keeping me on my feet. Which is why I am adding 3 more to my network. Which should be interesting. My last google adsense check was $156.00 which is good but my proxies are finally making more and increasing earnings. Now, time for me to develop some SEO tactics for my germs site and history. A good tip is always get back links! Easiest way to get into google!