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What do I do all day? Well…

I see many blogs online where people talk and talk about there projects and never really tell the readers what exactly the do when sitting on the computer. So I decided to make a post dedicated to just that and letting my readers know what I do when online.

1) I log into my email – basically to check for any problems or questions with my sites and to see how my clients are doing or if family needs anything.

2) I log into Paypal, Adsense, CJ and Auction Ad’s – To get the low do on the days earnings, I try and not to look very often. Makes you worry to much.

3) I go to my forums – check activity as well as check up on mods and people of interest.

4) Log into Digital Point, and Wicked Fire – I read threads and chat it up a bit.

5) I update my sites – I try my hardest to update my sites with fresh content and really try to make my site seem active will pressing affiliate offers and utilizing adsense as a way of profit.

6) I check C-Panel – I check on my bandwidth to make sure everything is running smoothly and nothing is being DOS attacked.

7) Browse around for sites to purchase – Can never have enough! Never put all your eggs in one basket.

And that is my basic way of life on the PC side. I didn’t include bathroom, food, hanging out with friends, TV etc. But you get the idea.

Also, I am looking to trade links with any relevant blog. I plan on getting a domain on this puppy soon and looking for link exchanges! Comment this post with your site and anchor text and I will put you up as long as you return the favor. Free back link right?