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The power of link sales, and blog updates.

Well with the every growing power of blogs on the internet, I decided to use my pagerank and my traffic details to sell a few sponsored links on my blog. I think they are not to ‘in your face’. They have there own section and people should check them out. Pretty cool sites I sold the spots too I think.

Alright as for the blog, I have changed the skin on final time. I will be customizing it a bit later. I also have plans on getting this baby a domain finally. Or I might keep it as a sub domain I haven’t decided since I have been busy with client work and building my portfolio. I haven’t honestly gotten started on my first few ideas. I am still writing up the mock up and yes I do percentage risks. Since like most other webmasters I am greedy with my money. I want to make sure my invest will be a ROI. I hate throwing in money at something and not seeing a return or even a budge in how much I put into it.

I also added a new person to my ever slow growing blog roll. Big shout of to Tom Huveners. A great new link buddy. I suggest you check out his blog. It’s pretty cool great learning information.

Thanks it for now, my next post will be an informational post about some tactics I use to make money. My older posts A Deep Dive into Link Building , 5 easy ways to have a successful forum, How to increase profits on a proxy. They where all pretty popular so I think I will be doing more of those.


Small Updates..

Well it’s been awhile since my last post and as you can see by my stat counter almost up to 600 uniques! Woohoo! My blog is becoming pretty popular! Here are the stats as they stand daily..

From word press dashboard…

Total Views: 598
Best Day Ever: 59
Views today: 10

And from my search engine rankings…

Google: 8 results
MSN: 351 results
Yahoo: 12 results.

Nothing too interesting, just nice to see my blog getting some stats and knowing people actually like reading my ramblings.

Now, I know most of you have heard of AGLOCO already and may of signed up. It has been pointed out that the new ‘view bar’ is coming out in March and is going to start making people money! I am pretty excited. I honestly just signed up today and I have waited so long to join but I might as well shoot a referral link to see if anyone wants to do me a favor and sign up under me and improve the network and make some money! So sign up here is your interested.

After that my sites haven’t made real progress. I am in the process of completing two new sites so I can do some more affiliate marketing and bring in more income. I am still at about $17 a day. Nothing major just trying to improve myself and quit my day job hopefully. My new projects with involve a new forum about a niche I can conquer and then another site strictly on sales of certain products. I am quite confident on getting everything done, just need some more funds and will power. Damn Guild Wars and Mario Kart DS is keeping me busy.

Except to see one of those projects come out in the next days or even weeks are development begins to speed up.


Customer Service? PFT!

Well as the day past I finally decided to order my new phone from Cingular. I am paying $50 a month for 2,000 minutes with rollover and 3,000 text messages and 5mb internet access. So Cingular is alright if you ask me no problems. When I first purchased my subscription it was all good for about 2 years until today.

Now, I received a coupon in the mail telling me I can get $200 of any phone I choose [they where trying to get me to re-sign up] and I was thinking of a trio but I decided on a Motorola RAZR V3. Now, I looked it over and with the mail and rebate it was $79.00 I owed them. So I deiced to call it up and order it and use my coupon for renewing my contract. So this would cost me nothing right? Wrong.

I called the guy named ‘Jeff’ and he explained to me that the coupon meant nothing and it was just a ‘reminder’ to sign-up. This really set me off because why would you have an fucking coupon you can’t use? It’s bullshit. I know ‘Jeff’ was an 18 year old douche bag making commission so of course I couldn’t use it. So, I talked to his manager. Then after taking for a few minutes he knew I was going to get my free RAZR and I did. Just goes to show you not to let the big corporations bully you out of your deal.

Now for some news;


A New Day has come.

Well, as you all might know my from my old domain I have decided to go back to Worpress hosted off my site. My reasoning you ask? Because I simply like it more, I get more traffic being in a circle such as this one and more people can access my blog. Which I am well aware helps my ranking. I want to start out with a sort of introduction, My name is Justin. I am 16 year’s old. I have been interested in coding and design most of my life. I have found memories of just drawing out my ideas to improve my life and the lives of others. You can comment on this as irrelevant but those are the earliest memories I have of myself designing and improving on something. Now, I am a junior in High school planning on going to College to presume a Business Administrations Degree, and Minor in Graphic Design/Web Development. In my spare time I like to make forums and develop them and sometimes turn them over for a profit. Now to some important news about my current projects and to keep my old readers up to date on my old ones.

As some of you may remember I had some proxies, and a forum. Well I sold them all for some holiday cash. Haha, yeah I know desperate. But now I would like to introduce my new formations of sites and my plans for them.
Now, I started this project right after new years and must say that I am in love with it. Right now it has only 10 members and about 150 post’s. Which is pretty good for about a week and a half’s time with no advertising just forum sigs and some PM’s to dear friends. Now, I have only made about $1.27 in adsense from this and I am content mainly because I know adsense isn’t successful on forums. That being said I am proud of the progress it has made and now my main push is to improve the rankings in terms of SERP’s and SEO. Which means some text links. Oh goody!

And as for my other project’s there is only about 2 other’s as of now and nothing to exciting. After selling my other proxy my adsense machine [$7 a day for about 3 months!] I am in the works with making another. I know, sad. But Proxies are good money and are rational in a sense for a good amount of income! And right now I am focusing on buying some smaller sites and developing them. I just purchased about 3 on Digital Point and excited to say that they will be interesting projects to say the least.

And that is it for now, I am looking for a blog link exchanges to email me! And Good luck to you on your quest for cash.