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Pros and Cons of Ads on your blog.

Well to me I see a lot of webmasters bitch and complain about ad’s on blogs. Look at Tyler Cruz, and John Chow. There blogs are filled with ad’s and I honestly think this brings a negative effect on there user audience. Most people that read theses blogs are other webmasters or unlucky digg users just looking for an interesting read. Then as they go to the site they are filled with ads. Let’s take a look.

John Chow:

You can notice that his site has more than 4 ad’s on it. I know he has lowered it since then. Plus I am not even counting the “buy me a beer” text.

Tyler Cruz:

Tyler has 4 ad’s on it as well.

You can say there sites have well placed ads. And I have to disagree. I find banner ad’s annoying and intrusive and really just want me to stick with the RSS feed than check the site. I am sure people feel the same way. I am not saying that it is bad they have many ad’s on there sites I just think it could be lowered for a more effective CTR and more user friendly experience on there site. So my advice;

1) Take off the google ad’s in the post.
2) Make a specific section for ad’s.
3) Take off most of the text links and offer your advertisers text links on the RSS feed where they would do better. Text links in an RSS feed would make the ads CTR sky rocket.
4) Replace banners at the top to skyscrapers on the sidebars.

Also, for anyone reading Tylers Post on the forum designer and he wanted $25 for the link? Well here it is;

The template designer is
Thanks AoJon!


A Deep Dive into Link building

Well Link Building is something we all must do to sort of build a reputation with the search engine. Almost like saying ‘Hey, this is my site look how many others like it!!’ and by that I mean how many other’s are linking back to your site. The more link’s the more the search engines find your site to be more popular when crawling.

Now link building can be a real pain in the ass, and by that I mean you have to keep submitting, trading, and adding more and more links to your own site in order increase popularity. It’s almost like ‘pimping’ SEO style. Nothing more than that. The best way I find is to trade with websites similar to your’s. This always increases relevance in traffic as well as listing. Now there are a few ways to build your SERP’s.

1. Exchanging Links
2. Submitting to Directories
3. Social Networking Site’s (Digg, Netscape etc.)
4. Adding links to Wiki (Great way to boost traffic and a great back link)
5. Blog entries and comments
6. Topsites

Now, I didn’t cover everything you can do seeing how there is black hat methods including spamming sites, forums, myspace but some people don’t like that side and well I don’t like to share secrets so if your interested google it. Now for the break down.

1. Exchanging Links
Now, this can be the easiest way to do things, You can check out forums like Digital Point or Talk freelance and really any web mastering forum for an exchange. Basically this means you add each other’s links to your site and there you go. There are ways to sell or buy links like ‘Text Link Ads’ and you can buy higher PR, and Alexa to increase the ‘popularity’ of your site.

2. Submitting to Directories
Now you can do this yourself which is really a chore. I find it best to buy a service from someone on a forum and they can submit it to about 100 directories and you can pay like $10. Pretty easy. This is really good depending on the Page Rank and can really increase your SERP’s on any search engine.

3. Social Networking Site’s (Digg, Netscape etc.)
Some argue this is a lame way to get a link back, and usually is only a small surge of traffic and then sees slow downs in traffic and usually steady out or slightly increases the site’s popularity depending on your story or article. Now, it is not a great idea to submit every single story to Digg or any other social networking site. It is better to submit a really good quality article instead of submitting some crappy shit.

4. Adding links to Wiki (Great way to boost traffic and a great back link)
I would say this is one of the best way’s to increase popularity for a niche site or anything that has something to do with an article. So people spam Wiki hoping to get on good link back and usually turns out they get banned so it’s best not to do so. On Wicked fire so people are saying that Wiki link’s are dead and no longer are as strong as they use to be. And so are really questioning if Wikipedia is worth it for adding backlinks.

5. Blog entries and comments
Making a blog entry about a website or a project is a great way to increase traffic or spark up interest in your site. Some people pay others to make reviews on there blog in order to get a real diverse SERP’s. Comments are also a great way to increase link backs since blogs on blogger or ones using wordpress get listed in search engines fairly quickly this can be a great method to do so as well.

6. Topsites
Adding your site to a top site listing is also a great way to get some link backs depending on how many you submit your site too. I find submitting site’s like proxies and myspace top sites can really give you a surge of traffic since most people on top site’s are looking for a specific thing which can really work in your favor.

And that’s it for now, enjoy. 😉


Is MBL worth it?

If you are an avid blogger you might of heard about the surge of people and even myself using My Blog Log. And I have to say I am impressed.

Now, most people are upset with the service for the minor security bugs that happen (Eric and the team always take care of them) and how the tool isn’t useful at all. I beg to differ. Before installing my blog log I was getting 5-15 uniques a day on my fairly new blog here, and the first day of installing the plug I received 59 uniques in a few hours doing nothing but adding the code which I have to say is pretty good.

I have also been able to met a lot of cool people and get in touch with people looking at my blog and reading it which is pretty cool. I like the fact that you can view statistics and see how many readers are interested and really see the people reading and not always commenting on your latest article and it really puts a face to your readers which is great way to start a community with your blog.

Now there are some bad things as well, One is why they hell even go to the site? All you can really do is look at other peoples blogs the own maybe comment and add them as a contact. Which in actuality is all you can really do with this tool. I do enjoy the plug in for your actual blog but other than that the tool is a bit worthless.

A blog can survive with out this new tool, it just honestly opens up a way to see your users and how they like your site really. Nothing more nothing less and the service does just what you would expect Log your blogs.


Why does SEO Matter?

A lot of people ask me this. Most want to know does ranking really matter or why not leave the site sit and everything come on it’s own? Well simply I see SEO is a head start. It’s like having a 10 second head start. Applying SEO tactics allows you to put your site in higher rankings and in turn more ‘organic’ traffic.

Now the easiest way to do this is of course having meta tags in your sites ‘head’ section. Now here is an example.

Meta Example

Notice how under Keywords I listed how I want my site to be searched for. By applying keywords I thought people would search I place them there and has google bot’s search my site they read this and place it in there ranking based on popularity and there own special formula.

Most of this is pretty easy to do for yourself it is all a matter of common sense and how you want your site to be found. I find that the more descriptive your meta tags are the more your site is indexed.

To keep Googlebot from following links on your pages to other pages or documents, you’d place the following meta tag in the head of your HTML document:

Meta tags can exclude all outgoing links on a page, but you can also tell the Googlebot not to crawl individual links by adding rel=”nofollow” to a hyperlink. When a Googlebot sees the attribute rel=”nofollow” on hyperlinks, those links won’t get any credit when we rank websites in our search results. For example a link,

This is a great link!

could be replaced with

I can't vouch for this link.

I know this is a very noob tutorial I am just tired of seeing the questioned ask and people IM’ing me.