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Proxy Owners beware!

After reading Mubin’s blog post “Watch Your Proxies! Google has warned thee!” people are click google ad’s in order to get other proxy owners banned to keep the market to themselves. I am outraged. There is a small group of people doing this and it is best advised not to keep google ad’s on your proxy. People are getting banned from adsense due to this group and really hurting the proxy community.

On the Proxy.Org forum’s people are discussing it and the news is bad. This post people are saying that it is not humans that are clicking the ad’s but bots with the intention of getting webmasters banned.

All I have to say is us proxy owners are worried. I recommend everyone take off your adsense until the matter is further researched. No use in getting your account banned. There are plenty of other ways to earn money on a proxy.


The internet ruined April Fools.

You all should be very upset, as am I. April Fools use to be a time of laughter, a time of wonder.

Now, I look at blog post such as John Chow, Tyler Cruz and many others that are pathetic. I wasn’t even laughing or slightly shifted in my opinion of this shit fest comedy that isn’t good. Good, I wish the internet would just leave it alone, what ever happened to lighting people on fire, telling your friends your girl friend is pregrent, or pretend you gotten into a car accident and on the phone with your mom you are crying and telling them your hurt.

Well my friends, that time is gone. Thanks to the internet and shitty jokes.


A bit about me

I am tired of seeing webmasters just post things about there lame shit and talk about the same old thing. So I will make a post of a bit of my background and about my life just because I should of did this like the first time I posted but better late than never.

I am a 17 year old web developer. I make money from my projects but the word entrepreneur is a word with little or no meaning to me. I started getting in to making sites in about 2000-2001 with a Nintendo site. Just random stuff when the game cube was around. I was passionate but could never make a lot of profit do to mod-chip affiliate offers etc. I do enjoy hanging out with my friends. I make a living online to pay my car and other things I want. I recently [4-5 months ago] struck some luck with my proxy network. I have about 5 proxies which is bringing in about 57% of my income. So selling them is not an option, plus they are my babies. I also dabble in SEO for clients and effective link building campaigns and affiliate marketing and of course the awesome arbitrage. I like to think of myself pretty successful but I hate people who brag and lie about it. Seems pretty lame to me.

As for my growing up, I grew up with my father in 5th ward projects in Houston Texas. I then moved with my mother to go old Dallas Texas when I was about 13 since my father’s business was blowing up and he had no time for me. I like it here in Texas. Nice place.

I am a senior in high school, about to graduate this year. I am excited to get out on my own and make money off the internet for a year then move on to an Art school for graphic design or painting. Or I might just go to a University for my Business degree to be honest I have no idea. I have a wonderful girlfriend and I smoke a lot of weed (If your a reader from Wicked Fire I have some pretty good threads ‘Weed Porn’.) And that’s about it. Everything else is pretty boring about me.

Any questions ask.