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Man, Where have I been.

Well, hello everyone. How are ya? Well, I am fine and I haven’t been online lately. Sorry about that. I have been very busy with graduating from high school and getting my life and focus back to agree and I have some exciting news. I am going to the Art Institute of Dallas! I am pretty happy now! So, now that I am waiting to get my sign up going I am in the process of moving out. soon I think. I think you guys would be proud. My few loyal readers. Haha.

As for my future in the web business. I have gotten back into the web design business same with coding and am hoping to get my portfolio and a new website up. As for my proxies I am planning on selling and getting into content driven websites with affiliate sales and more so content based. I think that has more key valve than a website that just makes a quick buck. I am thinking about my future now. So I am planning on releasing two new blogs to my portfolio of sites and a few forums as well and maybe a niche site or too. I have a few hundred to invest and I will keep you guys updated on each site that comes out.

Also, I am in the market for a new car and I am about to purchase this Honda Accord 2003. Tell me what you think? 😉


What do I do all day? Well…

I see many blogs online where people talk and talk about there projects and never really tell the readers what exactly the do when sitting on the computer. So I decided to make a post dedicated to just that and letting my readers know what I do when online.

1) I log into my email – basically to check for any problems or questions with my sites and to see how my clients are doing or if family needs anything.

2) I log into Paypal, Adsense, CJ and Auction Ad’s – To get the low do on the days earnings, I try and not to look very often. Makes you worry to much.

3) I go to my forums – check activity as well as check up on mods and people of interest.

4) Log into Digital Point, and Wicked Fire – I read threads and chat it up a bit.

5) I update my sites – I try my hardest to update my sites with fresh content and really try to make my site seem active will pressing affiliate offers and utilizing adsense as a way of profit.

6) I check C-Panel – I check on my bandwidth to make sure everything is running smoothly and nothing is being DOS attacked.

7) Browse around for sites to purchase – Can never have enough! Never put all your eggs in one basket.

And that is my basic way of life on the PC side. I didn’t include bathroom, food, hanging out with friends, TV etc. But you get the idea.

Also, I am looking to trade links with any relevant blog. I plan on getting a domain on this puppy soon and looking for link exchanges! Comment this post with your site and anchor text and I will put you up as long as you return the favor. Free back link right?


Why And some updates..

I see a lot of people making blogs and hosting them on there own servers. But, why? is an excellent way to have your blog hosted and quickly indexed in google and any other search engine.

I say on bandwidth, and hosting charges. I am still able to edit my css, and change layouts and even host a domain [I have yet too]. I am just curious why people host there own blogs when free and awesome services like this are available with out an invite now. Recently accouned the new digg button for blogs. Honestly, this is freaking awesome. Now I just have to add a simple code to get my digg code in and I am set.

Now for some news.

  • My new forum development
  • New sites
  • Where the hell have I been?

My new forum development
My new forum progress is honestly, slow. I have the logo complete thanks to Lewis, I still have yet to catch him online to pay him. And, I am in the process of designing the layout for the forum myself to save money and get exactly what I want and how I want it structured. I will probably code it and have a friend look it over. Marketing is still in the works. I am thinking about adbrite to use to buy some text links and banner ads to improve traffic and get things started.

New sites?
I am still looking to purchase some excellent small sites. I have been looking around digital point for small celebrity sites, or just blogs that are making something decent. I just want to expanded my portfolio of sites really.

Where the hell have I been?
I am actually really sorry for not being online as much as I should. I apologize to any clients and anyone else for my leave. I have just been busy with my girlfriend, school and trying to get everything done in my social life and then come online and work. I have also noticed a decrease in profit on a few of my proxies. I am quite upset and I think my sites got smart priced since I was getting $.35-$.60 a click. Sad to see such potential and profit lowering to $.10-$.20.


Grow! Grow!

Well, I finally had the nerve to check my blog stats and I am quite satisfied! Over 300 uniques and I barely opened the blog but a week ago. I am happy to see someone reading, I feel like I am just rambling and no one cares. Haha, So I have some updates on some of my sites and a request.

I have been really busy getting my Super Mario Galaxy site up in the google rankings. I have already got it indexed in one day! And that was a week ago. I am currently developing a way to earn some cash on the site. I have about 16-50 uniques a day and pretty excited about it. I really think this site could be pretty big with some work. I wanted to try banner ads because for some reason people click images a lot more than text links. As for everything else, my proxies are doing just fine! still around $40 a day on my three sites. Nothing big but I am going to try adversal (pop unders) just because I hear the payouts are really good.

Also, I recently go banned from CJ for black hat actives and MSN on some of my ‘experiment’ sites. 😦

I also just recently received my RAZR phone. Which is quite a good phone. I got my gmail mobile for email updates and it’s worth the upgrade though the battery doesn’t last very long. Now if you guys wouldn’t mind I’d like some feed back on my blog and what I can do to increase visitors and make YOU interested. Thanks.


Making your new forum a sucess?

Well when everyone first starts a forum people gripe and moan about hits and visitors so I decided to make a short little introduction how how to bring more visitors in and how to keep them!

Now, we all know you must have a site and a niche your going to want to jump into. I would advice going with something unique. Like don’t do Xbox or gaming or anything so over done, then you will have to invest a large amount of money with minimal results. Your going to want a small niche that you can provide a good place for people interested in it to post and talk about it. Like instead of baseball forums, do like eastern baseball teams. Instead of Gaming forums do a specific game or system.

After that your going to need some forum software to get an actual system up to use. I would recommend something free like Mybb, or SMF. It is not worth spending $80 on IPB or VB when you have no members and in the first few months those are hard to come by. So wait it out until you get a few hundred then if you want to switch I’d say do it. Personally try Mybb or SMF. I love them both so it’s all about preference. And Get a skin! No one likes the default and you can easy modify anyone that you like to fit your needs.

Now the hard part is going to be getting it active. People never want to be the first to do anything. They like to easily be led into joining and registering to post on something. I would recommend Forum Shock and get some paid posters! This is not a plug I have used Bryan’s services many times and have to say it’s A+. Now after your package experience continue to led discussion, even making a few accounts on your a different email and post things to start up debate or interesting topics. After that members should come and make sure you have some SEO work done. Which should be easy if you post your forum link in your signature around other places. I would say join a competing forum and PM people with your link and incise them to join. Most people that it is really personal and would join.

There by no means is time to sit back and relax! All forums require alot of time and effort into creating a ‘success’ and by no means is there one bar to jump over. It’s all about personal success and what you think about what you did.