Craigslist a lost cause?

Now time for some black hat information. 🙂

Now, if someone you don’t know Craigslist.org is a site much like ebay only free to list and browse where people in there local community can list items and services or just someone to talk to. And with some many users flooding the site it’s no wonder some many are making a lot of money by spamming and driving a lot of traffic to there site with this tool.

Now, there are a lot of good and bad things about doing this. First the good.

  • Increase back links – honestly Craigs list can provide a great way to increase back links with search engines crawling on craigs list so much, hey why not?
  • Increase profits – if your an affiliate marketer that has spammed my space before or anywhere really this can be huge for you since you can get a lot of leads from websites like this.

And now the bad,

  • IP Banning – This is true now more than ever with craigslist coming down hard on spammers and just blocking there ip’s
  • Fines – Much like my space craigslist is starting to crack down and bring spammers to court for spamming and even facing jail time.
  • Affiliate Account Closed – More and more affiliate companies are cracking down and taking spammers off there services and banning them all together which can result in a lot of lost profit if your using say azoogle.

Now it is really up to you to decide if it’s worth it, there are a lot of good things and more even more bad things that can happen and ultimately will happen.


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